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H2 Marine Solutions

Sustainable sailing with hydrogen

Who are we

H2 Marine Solutions is a start up that focuses on sustainable sailing using hydrogen. The focus is on fast sailing, smaller boats for professional use. Think of the police, fire brigade, Rijkswaterstaat, water taxis and other passenger transport, patrol and other port services, defence, coastguard, rescue companies and (top) sailing coaches.


H2 Marine Solutions emerged froma project to develop a fast dinghy (RIB) for coaches in (top) sailing. Partners in H2 Marine Solutions are the companies Koedood, HyFly, Habbeké and De Stille Boot. In addition, there is close collaboration with TU Delft, Torqeedo, Intelligent Energy, Wajer Yachts, Watersportverbond, Rijksrederij and others.

Products and services

H2 Marine Solutions has developed an emission-free coach boat for sailing. The boat is electrically powered with hydrogen as an additional power source in combination with fuel cells as a so-called ‘range extender’. The H2-C boat was on display during the Sailing World Championships in The Hague in August 2023 and is now in use by the Dutch Olympic Sailing Team.

The boat is also being tested in the Den Helder Proeftuin and TU Delft is conducting research into modeling the entire drivetrain: electric motor, battery, hydrogen tank and fuel cell including couplings and software for engine management. This will soon give the opportunity to offer the right combination of components for the desired sailing profile.

H2 Marine Solutions also provides advice to boat builders about hydrogen technology.


Cees van Bladel
+31 646 135 000

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